The beginning of Civil Engineering dates back to the time when prehistoric humans decided to settle down in one place and make a shelter out of what was available. The underlying concepts remain the same. Make structures that can withstand the forces of nature and provide shelter to humans or their belongings. One cannot expect to get a job by just undertaking a Civil Engineering educational stream and do nothing. In the Industry, “ENGINEERS language for communication is DRAWING”. CADPOINT Kochi offers four courses in the Civil CAD.

Civil Courses:-

Drafting Courses

  • Civil CAD Draftsman (CCD)

Estimation Course

  • Building Estimation & Costing (BE & C)

Designing & Analysis Courses

  • Interior & Exterior Visualisation Course (IEVC)
  • Civil Architectural Designing Course (CADC)
  • Civil Structural Analysis Course (CSAC)

Project Planning & Management Course

  • PPM Concepts-Theory
  • Primavera (Client)
  • Primavera Web Advanced (EPPM)
  • MSP (Microsoft Office Projects)