This course is for controls designers, purpose-built to create and modify electrical control systems. Automated tasks and comprehensive symbol libraries help to increase productivity, reduce errors, and provide accurate information to manufacturing.

Stay ahead of the competition with AutoCAD Electrical software, which offers significant productivity gains over AutoCAD software by automating many of the complex tasks associated with creating accurate, industry-standard electrical control systems.

“Electrical Engineering software helps boost productivity”


ECAD: – Electrical CAD includes all the functionality of basic AutoCAD (2D drafting & documentation features, 3D modelling & collaboration features) plus a complete set of electrical design CAD features.                           

       When engineers create electrical control systems using software not specifically built for electrical design tasks, they must often find manual workarounds to get the job done—wasting valuable design time and limiting productivity.  

Course Highlights:              

  • Comprehensive symbol libraries to accelerate design
  • Bill of Material(BOM) reporting
  • PLC I/O Design to make control design faster & efficient
  • Creating & Documenting Electrical Control System
  • Project Organization & report generation                    
  • Real time error checking
  • Electrical Panel layouts