Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Its influence is seen in everyday objects like your toothbrush to the most complex mechanisms ever made, like the Large Hadron Collider. One cannot expect to get a job by just undertaking a Mechanical Engineering educational stream and do nothing. In the Industry “ENGINEERS language for communication is DRAWING”. It is nice to have the ability to draw the design with pencil and paper but to scale up, you need CAD. CADPOINT Kochi offers five courses in Mechanical CAD.

Mechanical Courses:-

Drafting Courses
Mechanical CAD Draftsman (MCD)
Designing & Analysis Courses
Mechanical Modelling & Designing Course (MMDC)
Mechanical Modelling & Analysis Course (MMAC)
Project Planning & Management Course
PPM Concepts-Theory
Primavera (Client)
Primavera Web Advanced (EPPM) MSP (Microsoft Office Projects)
MEP Designing & Drafting Course(MDDC):-
AutoCAD, Revit MEP
MEP Course:
AutoCAD Basics, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Revit MEP